Relocating To A New Country During A Pandemic

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2020 has been a strange year. No human alive today has experienced a pandemic on such a massive scale. World movements are halted, many plans are delayed and families cannot reunite for Christmas.

In a time like this, a lot of people are asking themselves “Should I relocate?” Some already have it planned out long before the pandemic, and some are considering the option as the pandemic exposes the worst and incompetence in some governments. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has posed a lot of challenges.

My Journey

When I first wanted to relocate in around March, I decided it was not a good time as it was the peak of the pandemic. I figured if I gave it some time and waited until the summer, it would be safer to move as I did not want to be on a plane at that time. But then, June came, and it did not get better. Soon, the leaves were turning yellow, autumn was here and it still did not get better.

Every day in summer, I asked myself if I wanted to move or if I wanted to stay. I was rather scared of moving since I was in a safe zone, planning to move to a place with rather high infection rates. Even if I can be careful, there are still a lot involved in the moving process that will put me at risk. From getting to my apartment, to furniture shopping, and setting up the internet, etc, every step involves calling a guy.

After months and months of hesitating, I decided it was time to finally make the move. It was the best for my career to be in a different place. Making up my mind and going through with my determination was not easy. Once I have made my decision, I needed to plan everything carefully.

Check Rules And Restrictions

Relocating during a pandemic is certainly not easy. You need to stay on top of the rules and restrictions. Things can change overnight. Different governments are imposing different lockdown rules, meaning the airport can shut down anytime. Watching the news every day is stressful but necessary to make sure your flight is still on.

I emailed the embassy and the relevant authorities to make sure I got everything. Thankfully, I did not really need much in my case. Emailing the authorities always help as you can get the most up-to-date information. Some countries require a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours before your flight. Make sure you have what you need to board the plane. Local clinics or the airport may provide COVID-19 tests.


Packing during a pandemic is different than normal. Since you might need to quarantine upon arrival, it is good to have some snacks or instant noodles in the bag. You might not even be allowed to go out for groceries during quarantine, depending on which country you are.

Before I flew off, I made sure I have enough masks to last me for two months. I was fairly paranoid as I was not sure where I could get quality masks, or if the supply was stable. Most importantly, I did not know how much it would cost. Masks are mandatory in most countries in the world so it is a good idea to get enough of them. Also, masks are mandatory for flights so bring extra for your journey. If the flight crew is strict, they will demand you to change your surgical mask every 4 hours as this is how long it lasts.

Arrange Accommodation

Arranging your accommodation can be a hassle. I arrived in my new place on Friday evening and there was a lockdown during the weekend. For two days, I slept in an empty room with just my mattress. I was lucky that my flatmates got me a mattress at least.

Be careful of when you arrive and the rules in your area. Bear in mind that different provinces or regions may have different rules, despite being in the same country. If it is so unfortunate that nothing will be open for a week due to lockdown, you might want to take to the internet to seek help.

Be Mentally Prepared

The most important thing about relocating during a pandemic is your mentality. Do not let fear beat you. You are about to move to a new country and embrace a new life. Enjoy it and what life has to offer you.

Adjusting your mindset is important. Relocating during a pandemic can be scary, all you can do is to prepare yourself and see what happens. Indeed, there may be unforeseeable events, but that can happen anywhere. Know that you are relocating for yourself and the best future.

It has been a few days since I have settled in my new home. Moving in was rather stressful but once I have settled down, I can see the nice side about relocating. 2020 is ending, who knows how 2021 will be. Whether you are planning to relocating or thinking about it, do your best to prepare and do what is best for you.

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