Learn To Appreciate Trips That Never Happened

“Things don’t always happen for a reason. Sometimes, they just happen.”

In the past two years I booked three tickets to Paris, I never got on the plane. Forgoing tickets booked is not uncommon around Europe given the cheap tickets available. Still, tickets to Paris weren’t the cheapest.

What happened?

First time, I was supposed to go from Sweden to Denmark then fly to Paris. The person I went with only realised he forgot his passport while in Denmark. Being a Scandinavian citizen, only bringing his driver’s license to Denmark was not a problem, but anywhere further down south would not be the same story. Not want him to feel bad, I gave up the idea to go alone and stayed in Denmark with him.

Second time, I was doing a Eurotrip with my best friend. We were in the UK and had everything sorted just to find out due to the overlapping period of my student visa and my visa-free status, I wasn’t supposed to re-enter Europe until a week after our trip. Disappointed by my own mistake, she went on to Paris while I headed to Brighton to visit a friend instead.

Third time, I was determined to visit Paris, also going from Sweden to Denmark first. Something urgent came up and I had to be back to Sweden earlier than expected. My trip ended in Denmark, again.

Till this day, the one French-land I ever stepped on was Corsica. Having missed the same destination so many times, seems like fate didn’t want me to be in Paris, or the universe wants me to work really hard for it.

What did I learn from it?

Through every decision I make, I know myself a little better. Abandoning the person I went to Denmark with and going on the trip alone wasn’t something I would’ve been comfortable with as he wanted me there with him. To be fair, I would’ve had a better time in Paris. It wasn’t the nicest time with him.

It did, however, teach me an important lesson. People had been telling me I needed to learn to say no for my own happiness. While I appreciated all those kind words, I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable saying no sometimes, nor I would feel happier from it. That was one of those times, I stayed, wasn’t the best time but no regrets.

Visiting a friend in Brighton was a lovely surprise from a trip that didn’t happen. I ended up having a good week with her, exploring the seaside of the UK. My last try to Paris was unfortunate due to the circumstances. A plan that couldn’t catch up with reality.

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You are the one to decide if moments mean something to you

Things don’t always happen for a reason. Sometimes they just happen. I don’t believe everything happens in your life is a blessing or has a meaning. I believe you give the meaning to things that happen to you. Not going to Paris in itself is meaningless, the meaning it has to me now was given by me. I learnt more about myself from myself, not the missed trips. That’s life, things happen, you are the one to decide if it will mean something or not.

Regrettably, not going to all those trips was the best decisions I could make at the time. So, can’t regret much after all, if that makes sense.

Things don’t happen for a reason, only your decisions happen for a reason, and only you can give meaning to a meaningless, random event.

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