My Short But Fun Trip To Las Vegas, Nevada

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The most incredible trip

For me, Las Vegas was one of those trips that had you planning your next stay as soon as you landed back home. Honestly, it was incredible and I’m glad I took as many photos as I did to look back on until the day I visit again. The food, the people, the scenery, the vibes. All of it was a great experience for my girlfriend and I. I had the privilege to travel to Las Vegas in April 2019 with my girlfriend. It was a short trip as we only went for 5 days and 4 nights, but even though it wasn’t a long vacation, we made the best of it each day, let me tell you. 

Massive resorts and malls

We stayed at the Luxor resort and casino. It was right on the strip so a lot of things were walking distance from our accommodation. It was close to other common hotels like the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. What I thought was cool, was that each hotel on the strip was like a huge mall itself. You didn’t have to be staying at that specific hotel to enjoy some of the things they offered either. Just as long as you’re at least staying on the strip or nearby and not causing trouble. Hotels had a casino, restaurant, shops, spa’s, patio’s, theatres, and more! The hotel itself had much to explore and do.

Luxor is so big, on my first night it took me about 20-30 minutes to find my room even with instructions from the front desk, haha. There were so many different hallways, elevators, corners, you name it! Although I think it took me that long cause I was also excited and anxious to just get out and do stuff. The hotel suites were actually located on one side of the hotel and there was a certain way to get there. Once I found it though, I never had a problem getting to it again.

I didn’t even give myself time to unpack and explore much of my room, which was stunning by the way. I was excited to walk the strip and see what Las Vegas had to offer. Even though I landed late(10pm), the excitement took over exhaustion and in Vegas, the city that never sleeps. There is always something to do. At Least it seemed that way while I was there. 

The friendly welcome

The people were very friendly and welcoming. Everyone we came across waved and smiled. Some people were even able to tell we weren’t local and asked if we were okay and needed help with anything. Anytime we had questions or were lost, everyone was happy to help. The hotel employees were very resourceful and room service was amazing. I really felt important and welcomed there. The few times I wandered and sat alone and someone saw me, they would check up to make sure I was okay or somehow start a conversation. It’s like everybody was just jolly and happy to communicate with you and like I said if you needed help, you would get it! 

Exploring Vegas

While we were in Vegas, we kind of “winged it”. Other than the hotel and flight, we didn’t book anything in advance. We thought it would be spontaneous to do it that way. The thing with Vegas is, there is so much to do and see just by walking along the strip. The weather in April was comfortable so we didn’t mind doing a lot of walking, especially at night when the breeze was warm and the night was cool. Don’t be afraid to walk the streets of Vegas. Although I don’t live there and don’t know much of the area, I wouldn’t recommend you wander at night unless you aren’t alone and know where you are going or have a destination.

We brought our camera on our walks and we are glad we did. There were so many beautiful things to see. The buildings and scenery is gorgeous and we were able to catch a lot of nice shots. We only ended up going to four places I can give some insight to. Other places we went to were more like shops, fast food places, gas stations, lakes or places with water, etc. Really nothing special.

Food in Vegas

Of course I was excited for food, it was one of the very first things we went out to try. Even though we only ate at two restaurants during our stay, I must say the service and food was amazing. Specifically this restaurant we went to on the second night. We went to a restaurant located in our hotel called Tender, for a steak dinner and we had a good experience. Our server was very polite, caring and quick. I felt he really enjoyed his job in serving guests because he was so passionate about it.

The food portion was big. Big enough that me and my girlfriend were able to split a New York steak dinner and a massive baked potato. Our server did an excellent job in fulfilling our request to have the dish split and served for two. They cut the steak neatly in half and provided extra utensils. Even in half, the steak was very filling and delicious! The restaurant itself is very classy and aesthetic. I would recommend anyone give this place a visit while on vacation if you’re craving a good steak dinner in an upscale atmosphere with amazing service.

Tourist attractions

We were able to visit the Vegas sign, which was a fun little adventure. Thankfully we brought water, snacks and sunscreen because the line to take a photo by the sign was a bit long and we had to wait out in the sun. But the line did move pretty fast, so we had no complaints. Like I said, people were very friendly so we had no issues asking someone to take our photo. We even wanted to return the favor and offered to take photos for other people. I think pretty much anyone who visits Vegas will try and take a trip to the Las Vegas sign to capture a picture. I think it’s worth it. 

The M&M store which was new and exciting for us. It was a multi level store with everything M&M! And yes, the chocolate you’re thinking about. Each level of the store contains different things from candy to clothing and toys! It was hard to leave this place without a handful of things for my daughter because there were so many cute things I never even knew existed! I also thought it was cool that you could custom make your own candy! The store is so colorful, bright and welcoming that so many things caught our eye at once.

We found ourselves in the store for over an hour and a half. Though, it didn’t feel like it because it was fun to see everything they had. Personally I thought the prices were fair and loved that they had thousands of options and products to meet anyone’s budget. I ended up buying stuff for my daughter and myself. 

Another place we visited, is a dispensary called planet 13. This place was pretty cool and big. It almost looked like a museum with their products nicely displayed for visitors to see and purchase. It was upscale and neat in there. Even outside the building has a nice big sculpture with a waterfall. They allow photos here so it’s a good thing we brought our camera because we wanted to show our friends some pretty cool stuff! It’s a big place and the employees are very helpful if you need anything. I also thought the packaging was really good.

Everything you buy that has a strong smell is placed in a thick sealable bag to trap all scents and prevent it from lingering. They sell pretty much anything you can think of, tobacco and cannabis wise and more. They also provide free shuttle service for rides back to common hotels on the strip at no charge! 

Looking forward to go when it’s safe again

Las Vegas was a trip to remember and it was so much fun and not to mention affordable, that me and my girlfriend plan to take a second trip when COVID is finally gone 100%. As a mother, I don’t really want to take any risks. This time, we plan to stay longer and have a few things planned in advance to have an even better experience than the first. We will also still “wing” some days as that is always fun too! Maybe we will stay at the Mandalay Bay but we definitely would not mind staying at Luxor again. If anyone has plans or dreams to visit Vegas, I would highly recommend it.

It’s a perfect getaway trip for a group or couple of friends or with a significant other. Some tips I can give anyone visiting Vegas is to research any resort fee’s your hotel may have. Also, a way to save money on snacks on beverages is to try and stay away from the shops located in the hotels and instead go to gas stations or convenience stores on the strip. 

I’m so excited to go back to Vegas along with a list of other places I wish to travel to and share more than I am able to now  💜

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