Keeping Up With The World, And My Bus House

The bus house

“This is what you did the whole time I was in boarding school?” I asked my mom the first time I saw the bus.

“Not the wholeee time, just… a small part of it.” She says as she gestures me to our new house… a bus.

My crazy, creative, entrepreneur of a mother decided to design an ecological bus for us to live in. Being that I was in boarding school in Israel I was SUPER confused at what she was doing, but soon enough I got over it.

For over a year I was living on a bus with my mom and sister, travelling around the country and spending summer on the beachside, literally. I was fresh out of high school and it felt amazing after spending two years being cooped up doing the IB and studying my butt off for what seemed like eternity. Living on the beach was one of the best summers of my life.

The “caravan family”

But what took me by surprise was the community, my mom called them the “caravan family”, a group of 10-30 people that moved around to different beaches in the country, just living their best life, going to the beach everyday, drinking beer and doing shots until 3:00am, all between the ages of 40-60. Being a group of three pretty young girls, they basically adopted us into their family. We were one of the only full buses, and the other bus were our neighbours.

A young, vibrant couple with a DIY rickety bus, I used to come over every evening to watch them play their bazillion instruments. One day I asked her a question; “Do you ever feel like you can’t keep track of the world?” and she said “I avoid keeping track, I try not to read the news because it puts my mood down”

Keeping up with the world

I couldn’t stop thinking about her answer. Why do I try to keep track of the world? Why can’t I just let it all go? It seemed perfect, to live in my little bubble alone. On the bus it was sometimes like that, but I kept craving the ‘step higher’, the university, the job and new social space, the future. I think I engraved it in my own head. My journals since high school are filled with me finding my next challenge, my next obsession.

I remember that every sunset while living on the bus my mum had a timer. She would say to us and all her guests that come by every night:

“Guess how long it takes for the sun to touch the water until it is completely under the water?”

Its actually exactly 55 seconds. Because every evening for 2 months my mum would time the sunset, just to reinforce the cool fact that it takes 55 seconds for a sunset.

Now I know I can have my little obsessions and keep up with the world while being in my own world, all thanks to a bus.

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