Gothenburg – A Lively City By The Coast

“The hub to connect the North and the rest of Europe.”

Heart of Scandinavia

Scandinavia was my first choice when picking the place for my exchange. Never been to Europe before, except the UK, all the countries in Scandinavia seemed the same fairytale in books. Coming from a major city myself, avoiding the capitals was my way to enjoy a quieter life. Taking out the capitals, I wanted to be in a smaller city but not too small that I would run out of options for things to do.

Locked my eyes on Sweden, as it’s the heart of Scandinavia, Gothenburg immediately came to my attention. Home to nearly 600,000 people, the coastal city sits on the south-west of Sweden. It takes 4 hours by train to hit either Oslo or Copenhagen and 5 hours to Stockholm, the perfect location for a student looking to travel easily.

A lively city by the coast

Mesmerised by its vibrant city life and close connection to nature, G-borg welcomed me with its best. With no underground subway system, its 12 tram lines are enough to take you around the city. Nightlife in this bustling seaport was abundance. Henriksberg was our favourite pub where we went for taco buffet every Wednesday with the price of one beer. Yaki-Da was another one of our favourite spots where we’d go party after pres.

Not that big of a city, I was able to get to my friends within 20-30 minutes on the other side of town. We’d have dinner and movie nights together. On the weekends, the many islands located offshore were our playground. Packing for a picnic, we’d usually do one island per day.

Gothenburg was the perfect choice for me, exactly what I was looking for, a smaller city big enough for a colourful journey, yet small enough to be close to nature within an hour with no pollution. Despite several scary events, it was a great year that taught me a lot to be a better person as well as to learn to be appreciative.

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