Ethiopia – Overview

Estella holding her camera, wearing a head scarf, sitting in front of a church in Lalibela

“Time is a funny thing. Days seem to be long but years just seem to flow by. Past adventures feel like a dream.”

I got my Canon camera in May 2018, sorely for my two-week trip to Ethiopia and Egypt that summer. It was my last year in university. “Saving up” was the motto I never made happen. Even though buying a camera and having enough funds for my trips was a task on its own, I got that sorted out. Grabbed my backpack and camera, off to my first African country, Ethiopia, the heart of Africa.

Being one of the only two African countries that has never been colonised by any Western society, Ethiopia surely has a lot to offer, in terms of history and culture. We were there for a linguistic course study. There are 90 languages in Ethiopia, 88 living and 2 already dead. Being a diverse country is both a blessing and a curse for integration and preservation.

Three things you should know about Ethiopia before visiting:

  1. Ethiopians believe the country to be the birthplace of Christianity according to the Old Testament
  2. The headquarter of the African Union is proudly located in Addis Ababa, where they discuss how to make Africa borderless and encourages free flow of people and capital like in the EU (European Union)
  3. They follow the Julian calendar and it’s currently in the year of 2012. There are 13 months with the first 12 having 30 days and the last having 5. A new day starts when the sun rises at 6am so for example 9am for us would be 3am for them

Ethiopia witnessed some significant changes in recent years being the second-fastest growing economy in Africa. Follow my journey to the heart of Africa, listen to stories from the once greatest country in the continent.

The first journey takes us to Addis Ababa, a city just like others.

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