The Curse Of The Polish Staircase

Reckless and careless, I missed the bus from Austria to Poland to meet my friend. On the second day I finally made it there. We decided to take a walk close to her home after breakfast.


Working Holiday, To Go Or Not To Go?

Adventurous souls born in this age have the advantage to experience life with a WH visa in Australia. A working holiday visa grants you the right to work in the country with the main aim to travel.

A red wooden house in Norway

Stavanger – Chasing A Lost Dream

“Somewhere along the line, I forgot what my dream even was.” Leaving your home country to seek a better life takes courage and effort. Some


Lalibela – A Miracle From Faith

“Religion is a faith. It’s real as long as you believe it is.” I’m not a religious person. Yet, stories surrounding religions never fail to

Boy takes photos of the ruined castles in Gondar

Gondar – Who Made History And Who Destroyed It?

Elevated at 2600 metres, Gondar was the third capital of Ethiopia before Addis Ababa. The Italians were hiding in the Fasiledes castles when the Brits bombed most of the castles to the ground.