BLM Movement And Me

North Carolina girl My name is Eulisa. I’m a southern girl. To be specific I am a North Carolina girl and everyone knows that Carolina


Querétaro Mexico Study Abroad

In the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to study abroad. Several classmates and I went to Querétaro, Mexico, which is about 3 hours


The Coldest Day Of His Life

“It was the coldest I have ever experienced, I almost didn’t have enough clothes for it! It was 15°C (59°F).” The traffic jam Singapore is

Family & Relationships

Going… Going… Gone

“It’s done. She’s gone”. Losing my high school best friend I reread my friend’s message twice before my eyes welled up and I slipped into


The Fear Of Getting Sick In Cairo

“Getting treated at the hospital is how you are going to die.” Being constantly sick in Cairo Out of the 7 weeks I spent in


I Expected Us To Be The Same

Our new friends from a world away It started when we walked into a giant hostel dorm room in Prague. The walls were lined with