The Power Of Giving In The City Of Good Neighbors

Do you believe in the power of giving? Well, you should because a study by a Harvard Professor implied that participants who spent money on others were happier than participants who spent money on themselves. Of course, we can give in non-monetary ways as well, such as volunteering our skills, donating our clothing, or simply cooking dinner for our family. These methods also generate benefits to the health and happiness of both givers and receivers.

The power of giving is real. Helping someone else not only changes their day, week, year, and possibly even their life, but also provides an unmeasurable sense of joy within yourself. Knowing that you were able to contribute to someone else’s life in a positive way brings a different kind of happiness.

My name is Brie and I live in Buffalo, NY, also known as the City of Good Neighbors. Some may argue that Buffalo isn’t a City of Good Neighbors, but after living here for my entire life, I would beg to differ. I hope my story below inspires you to give to others like it did for me.  

A Great Morning Start

It was a warm, sunny morning in June (we don’t get much beautiful weather in Buffalo, so it was already a great day) and I was excited to write a new blog post about my findings after completing my first week of a 30-day self-discovery process. This first week has been absolutely eye-opening and I couldn’t wait to share my stories with my readers.

And Then Something Went Wrong

It was 9:40 AM, and I picked up my mobile order from Starbucks. I thought to myself, ‘Yay! This will give me the energy I need for the day!’ I couldn’t wait to get home and start writing for my blog. I grabbed the door handle, swung open the door, placed my bum in the seat, and put the key in the ignition. As I rotated the key forward, I heard, “Click, click, click.” ‘Maybe it was just a fluke.’ Nope. “Click, Click, Click.” My battery had died.

 “How in the world could this be happening to my NEW car?”

My thoughts of annoyance passed, and I knew I had to figure out a way to jump my car, but I had no jumper cables. Good news, I remembered I had roadside assistance through Honda! I rummaged through my purse and finally found the roadside assistance card. I called the number displayed on the card and they notified me that it was going to be an hour before someone could save me. ‘Okay not great, but at least someone is coming to help…

The Good Neighbor Who Saved Me

About 15 minutes after my phone call, a man pulled up next to me and asked me if my battery had died and if I needed help. I said, “THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!” with more excitement than I had expressed in all of 2020.

“This man understands the power of giving!! There are good people in Buffalo!” I thought

When he returned from his car, he told me that his jumper cables were left at home. Feelings of sadness ran through my body. I responded, “That’s okay! Thank you for offering anyways! Enjoy your day.”

Without getting his coffee, this man slid back into the driver’s seat of his Volkswagen Golf. I looked over and saw him on the phone. A moment later, he got out and said to me, “I called my wife. She’s going to bring some jumper cables from home.” This was incredibly kind and unexpected!

The Power Of Giving

His wife was on her way and we waited in the parking lot next to our cars. We began a conversation about good karma: do good and good will come back to you. It was refreshing to hear that I am not the only person who believes in this theory.

“Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.”

Farrah Gray, American Businessman

We proceeded to talk about the power of giving. He told me that whenever he sees someone in need and he can provide assistance, he does, regardless if he has the time or not. Not many people act this way. Most people walk by you and think, someone else will help that person. When he said this, I became inspired to do the same.

Eventually, we got my car started and I couldn’t stop smiling. I offered to buy him and his wife Starbucks and tried to hand them cash, but of course, they wouldn’t accept.

These two individuals are great examples of the way we should act in life. Give to others in need. Whenever you see someone in need of help and you have the knowledge to assist them, offer your services. If you think of a kind gesture, like paying for someone’s Starbucks in the drive-thru, do it. Smile at others walking by and always say “hello!”. Spread joy and joy will come back to you instantaneously. It’s like a boomerang.

Perform A Small Act of Kindness

You never know what someone is going through and how one small give can change their life.

For me, this act of kindness turned my difficult morning into a joyous day. The actions of this man and women will never be forgotten by me. They have inspired me to give to others daily, in hopes that I will make someone else feel the way I felt after I was assisted today. I wish I could ask them how this action made them feel, but unfortunately I didn’t get their names.

I’m going to ask again, do you believe in the power of giving?

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