Changing The World With Music

A headshot of singer Amirah

Music is a universal language. It can transcend language barriers and unite people from various cultural backgrounds. Singer-songwriter Amirah believes in inspiring unity through her songs. One of her recent singles “Tell Me” questions one’s true identity and how we are all connected as a people.

Growing up in a biracial family and a multicultural country such as Malaysia, Amirah was exposed to various types of cultures from a young age. She was introduced to different types of music, food, and celebrations which she enjoyed. Amirah was heavily influenced by Malaysia’s rich variety of traditional instruments and folk songs. From enjoying her father’s Hindustani music, to the dragon dances of her Chinese neighbors, the young composer soon discovered her passion to unite people through music.

“I believe music can transcend boundaries and unite people regardless of their skin color, race or religion”, Amirah says.

Proud of her cultural heritage, she decided to fuse and combine traditional instruments with modern pop music to create her unique style. Through her music, one can experience a harmonious cohesion of modern music with traditional Indian, Chinese and Malay instruments.

When she was studying world music in New Zealand, she was told by her professor that the US was the place to study world music. After writing songs for artists in Malaysia for several years, she decided to follow her professor’s advice and further her musical career in Los Angeles.

Amirah always remembers the advice given by her cello teacher, that as musicians, we carry the responsibility of altering people’s emotions through music.  Do we want to spread the emotion of love or hate? Of violence or peace?

Writing meaningful lyrics with a strong message is an important component of Amirah’s songs. Every song she composes carries an important message, mostly about peace and unity. As a singer-songwriter with the intention of spreading the message of unity, she views this mission as a social responsibility and stresses the importance that we are all one.

As a message to aspiring singer-songwriters, Amirah believes that it is important to stay true to one’s self and musical vision. Amirah also stresses the importance of knowing your ‘why’ and your true sound, as many people in the music industry will pressure you to conform to the status quo.

“Know your ‘why’ and believe in your vision”, Amirah says.

Despite the pandemic that began in 2020, Amirah viewed it as an opportunity and successfully released two singles, “Tell Me” and “You Are My Land”.

Amirah is currently working on releasing a few more songs in 2021. She actively shares behind-the-scenes footage and stories on her social media, as well as on her website. She also engages with like-minded fans in her Facebook private group to share their diversity/multicultural experiences and help spread the message of unity.

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