Fast Fashion And Our Faster Dying Society

Anna talks about the fast fashion industry

What is sustainable fashion? You might ask yourself. It’s funny how pretty much everybody wears clothes in every society. It’s a must. You can’t say, “oh, today I don’t feel like doing it. So I will not wear anything.”

Joking aside, this is a real issue. We must wear clothes. Otherwise, the very society we live in will punish us one way or another.

It’s an obligatory rule. But do we have enough options to follow this rule?

The answer is yes. The free hand of capitalism made it possible to have all kinds of “cheap” garments. That’s for sure. So we can make the free choice between Cola and Pepsi again and again.

What’s wrong with fast-fashion?

Overproduction means a lot of items are made only to be destroyed and that means natural and human resources are wasted for nothing. Fast fashion companies are actually wasting more than you can imagine.

Besides, people are getting serious health issues or even dying from working in dangerous conditions and the environment is being destroyed by the use of pesticides and chemicals. Teen Vogue made a short video to explain to you the problem of the fast fashion industry in just 5 minutes. And for what? For us to have a new piece of cloth for one season.

That’s pure madness if you ask me and I want to change it.

Can you change it?

So what happens when you actually want something else? When you want quality. And not only for yourself but for everybody in the production chain? Are there enough available and affordable options?

Unfortunately at the moment, the answer is no.

There are many small sustainable brands, but most of them are much more expensive than regular fast-fashion chains. And the ones that are more affordable don’t necessarily have the styles you like.

Luckily there are options, though not a lot. There are companies that will make you tailored items on demand. Those garments will be completely sustainable and ethical, cause there is no mass production and that means no overproduction.

With tailored made clothes, you know exactly who made your clothes, so that means the tailor gets paid fairly. The clothes you get are exactly what you want. Hence, you will love it and take care of it much more and there will be less needless shopping.

Sounds good, right? This is how I want to see the future of all the fashion industry. Sustainable and individual. Fair and beautiful.

“Veganism” in the clothing industry

A lot of people nowadays are vegetarian or vegan. For obvious reasons, they don’t want to harm other living beings and the environment.

So I believe in “veganism” in the clothing industry.

I also believe that it’s possible.

It’s possible by raising awareness, by providing more options and just by talking about it. A lot of people don’t realize what’s going on.

If you are completely new to the idea try to see if there is something you can change in your shopping habits. Go through your wardrobe and literally see what and how much you have? What are your favorite ones? Which ones you never used? See if there are some items that need fixing and try to fix them. And this will be your small step towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

A very small act of yours can change a lot.

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