BLM Movement And Me

North Carolina girl

My name is Eulisa. I’m a southern girl. To be specific I am a North Carolina girl and everyone knows that Carolina girls are the best in world! It is important for you to know that I am from North Carolina because North Carolina isn’t a stranger to the civil right movement. Growing up I remember hearing stories about the Woolworth’s lunch counter protest. I learned from them that no matter what people say I earned a seat at the table. Even if I had to fight I had a right to be there because four young college students in Greensboro had already paid the price.

Growing up

I was a member of the St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Zion church or A.M.E Zion church. They were created as a direct result of discriminatory practice aimed at African American Methodist. This organization grew exponentially and was at the forefront of the civil rights movement. The A.M.E Zion church is most famously known for the role they played in the Montgomery Alabama bus boycotts. In between prayers for change that church taught me that faith without works is dead.

I attend UNC-Charlotte and graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Comparative International Political Science/ Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. I went on to obtain a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

Navy time

I also served honorably in the worlds greatest Navy. The United States Navy for six years. I along with several members of my family, including my father, took an oath to defend a country that has turned its backs on us time and time again.

After I left the military, I decided to stay in Charleston, SC. I loved the area. From the magnificent, historical building, cobblestone streets and picturesque beaches, to Rainbow Row, the French Quarter and the Ravenel Bridge Bridge. I am not the only one drawn to this location. People from all over the world too. I’m not sure if you know, but Charleston is one of the most popular wedding destinations because of this reason. Then there is also the Market place where slaves were bought and sold, the lush plantations, and confederate civil war memorials.

BLM Movement and Me

Right now the Black Lives Matter Movement is changing the conversation in Charleston, SC. A conversation that is long overdue. I believe that people are going to have to take notice of the stark disparities that blacks in Charleston and all over the world are facing in every aspect of our life from education, to housing, business ownership and how people police us.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is a cause that I support for a number of reasons. One of which is because it was a movement started by women who look just like me and who are ready to see the blatant disregard for human life come to an end.

Another reason that I support this movement is because for as long as I can remember and my parents, and their parents and so on can remember we have never been allowed to just exist. We can’t eat, We can’t pray, we can’t run, we can’t sleep, can’t just be black .

In addition to supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement I try to leverage the playing field for minority entrepreneurs and small business owners through my work with Rush Consulting Firm.

Something you are born into

At Rush Consulting Firm we know that economic freedom is the true way to freedom and you can achieve this through ownership. Ownership of knowledge, land and business. We pour into black people because we desire for more black people to obtain economic freedom. This freedom is hardly ever obtained by black people through traditional employment. Time and time again black unemployment is almost double that of whites. Even when we amass a little bit of wealth we can’t keep it because of things like gentrification. Statistically speaking it seems like people are more interested in seeing us in prison then in boardrooms.

For some this is just another movement, but for black people it’s something that you are born into. The disproportionate maternal mortality rates of women of color in a developing country such as the United States is indicative of this.

My name is Eulisa and I believe that #Blacklivesmatter.

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story by

Eulisa Thomas

A Navy veteran and a consultant with Rush Consulting Firm. Originally from Wilmington, NC, she now currently resides in Charleston S.C.