Elifane facing the lake of Pamukkale

The Nice People Living In The Pandemic

The pandemic has separated families geographically, many international couples are not able to reunite due to visa and financial issues. 7-year-old Elifane from Pamukkale, Turkey,


Keeping Up With The World, And My Bus House

“This is what you did the whole time I was in boarding school?” My crazy, creative, entrepreneur of a mother decided to design an ecological bus for us to live in. Being that I was in boarding school in Israel I was SUPER confused at what she was doing, but soon enough I got over it.

Tracy travelling in Italy

My Journey To Solo Travel

My journey is a bit different to all the young teens and twenty somethings out there. I’m 49, I have 3 grown kids and I currently live in the Shetland Islands in Scotland.