Making Men’s Fashion From A Woman’s Perspective

Natalie sitting on a table with her laptop open staring into the camera

Suits are the standard attire for businessmen to look intelligent and confident. In the heart of the bustling streets of Hollywood, there lies a store, dedicated to providing the best products to its customers at the most affordable prices so luxury does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The face behind it all is a woman who has always been passionate about men’s fashion.

An Influence From Family

In 1981, Natalie’s father founded Hollywood Suits, a men’s apparel company to provide the best and most personal products to its customers. Growing up, Natalie would attend different trade shows with her father. Her passion for fashion brewed from all the valuable opportunities to shadow her father and the company.

Natalie recalls playing with the sewing machine and making her own clothes when she was a kid. The satisfaction of manufacturing your own clothes is unmatched. Her mother would get her tiny labels that read, “Made with love by Natalie”.

Family influenced the young designer and encouraged her to get into men’s fashion, which is traditionally dominated by other men. When Natalie first started, it was intimidating. There were skeptics questioning her ability to design products that are not made for people like her.

As A Minority In The Field

It did not take long before Natalie turned the table around to her advantage. Seeing how she was one of the only few women in the field, she felt empowered and more determined to make a name for herself, sharing the family pride.

As a woman designer for men’s fashion, Natalie worked extra hard when she joined the game. Constantly paying attention to the latest trends, leading the future trends, as well as keeping the classic timeless statements, her background helped her stay ahead.

Soon enough, with her expertise and knowledge, Natalie was able to gain her clients’ trust. Together, she works with her team to ensure each customer’s satisfaction. All doubts go out of the window as soon as her customers see the quality of the suits.

Being The Change And Empowering Others

Today, she is the CEO of Hollywood Suits. To take the step further in guaranteeing product quality, Natalie makes sure the company manufactures all the suits itself, which is not very common in this industry. Most other companies outsource the manufacturing process to a third party to cut costs, which can lead to the quality of the merchandise not being standardized.

The company’s goal has always been customer-oriented. Being the manufacturer and the seller, Hollywood Suits is able to retain their loyal customers and spread their name. Today, there are four physical locations for the brand, with an intuitive online store sharing news and the latest trends in the industry.

Every time the young CEO thinks about her journey, she feels empowered and grateful that she had the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed from a young age. Her hard-earned success is an inspiration for other woman designers out there who want to get into men’s fashion. Although Natalie had an edge because of her family background, none of it would have happened without her efforts and wits. In the future, Natalie would love to see more wonderful women in the field, to mark their footsteps in the exciting and forever-changing fashion world. For the aspiring designers out there, the one thing Natalie would like to let them know is,

“Stay on top of the trends. Read about what’s happening in the industry and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!”

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