Using LinkedIn As A Platform For #girlpower

Roselle sitting down with her hand gently on her chin

Globally, women get paid 23% less than men. Politically, women take up only 24% of parliament seats. Health-wise, 200 million women alive today have undergone genital mutilation.

These jarring facts and statistics remind Roselle Munsayac of what she fights for every day. Selected as the top 70 Rising Personalities in LinkedIn Philippines 2020, Roselle is a passionate advocate for women empowerment. She makes it her mission to spread #girlpower in a world full of injustice.

Gender inequality in workplaces

Born and raised in the Philippines, Roselle has always been interested in women empowerment and equality. In the corporate world, she had seen women taking up various roles. However, most women didn’t seem to get the top roles/management roles, despite the fact that women outnumbered men.

This contradicted her belief that “women are to be acknowledged and appreciated for their essence, contributions and capabilities.”

The first case of sexual harassment in the public’s light

Sexism is still preventing women from achieving new heights due to the unconscious bias women face in professional settings. The first case of sexual harassment was the Anita Hall/Clarence Thomas case. Hall accused her former supervisor, US Supreme Court Nominee, Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, in 1976. But it wasn’t until 15 years later, in 1991, that the case entered public attention with Thomas’ hearing.

The year after, sexual harassment cases rose by 50%. However, to this day, women are still afraid of speaking up about the harassment they face at work. There are ample reasons why women are reluctant to speak up. They don’t want to be “the girl who complaint”. The pressure of losing their job may also silence them. Even a public hearing can pose tremendous pressure.

Only a well-rounded, secured system can protect the welfare of its employees. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the transparency in handling sexual harassment cases. There will have to be fundamental changes for things to take a better turn.

Internet is a powerful tool

Women empowerment is about being in the best condition in all aspects, physically and mentally. Roselle works in one of the biggest banks in the Philippines. With a large number of employees to manage, she understands the importance of creating an equal and safe work environment.

Roselle takes on the powerful internet to spread #girlpower. She writes poems to express her emotions. Besides expressing herself through written words, she is also a motivational speaker. Her positive personality has attracted a crowd of loyal audiences.

LinkedIn for aspiring professionals

LinkedIn is a platform for professional workers to network and collaborate, and one Roselle utilises. Through the platform, many aspiring young professionals can take the chance to expand their reach. Roselle unleashes her voice through this outlet.

She is an active member of the platform with several accolades for her consistent and valuable work. She is regularly posting stories and news concerning #girlpower and women’s rights. Her work has garnered fantastic feedback.

A journey of growth and persistence

Every moment is memorable in her journey. Every time she sees a woman triumphs against all odds, she smiles with joy and pride. It shows strength, growth, and well-being. When a woman comes to her and shares how her speech has inspired a fellow woman, it gives her incredible excitement. It is a massive validation for the work she is doing.

Knowing your strength and learning how to appreciate your worth is the first step for a healthy mind. To this day, many women around the world are still treated as the inferior sex. This mindset has to change for women to truly accept themselves. Be grateful for who you are and never believe in the audacious remarks against your sex.

A defining mindset to dream

Only when women believe they are equal and capable that they can rise and shine from a society full of judgements.

Roselle likes to quote from the great author William Shakespeare,

“Nothing is as good or bad until the mind makes it so. Our mind may be our best friend or our worst enemy depending on how we train it. Our subconscious never disappoints so we have to train and feed it with the best thoughts that will serve our purpose.”

We can be who we want to be. In the future, Roselle is planning to establish a foundation for women. With her connections and the work she has been doing, she is excited to see what more she can achieve.

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