Why You Should Enjoy The Small Successes In Life

A girl sitting on the grass with her laptop working

“One day you will look back, and realise you have walked a road you didn’t think was possible.”

Instant success

Instant success has become the noun for capable people and elites. All the emerging business courses glorifying jumping to success overnight seems to neglect the hard work one must put for things to sustain.

I used to dream about instant success. Looking at the celebrities and business people gaining recognition overnight was a tempting thought. I wanted to go to sleep one night and wake up with widespread recognition for my work. Of course, it never happened.

The journey to the destination

When I was working for an entrepreneur, I saw the struggles of starting up a new company. She was working 12 hours every day, including weekends. All the emergency calls and meetings, she was on standby all the time. What I adored the most about her was how practical and realistic she was. I learnt a lot from her.

Her end goal was to make a huge brand and gaining traction worldwide, naturally. She broke down the whole process into many mini pieces and every time we achieved a tiny milestone, we’d celebrate. Her cheery personality made the whole process enjoyable.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the process. She enjoyed every part of work because it’s her passion. Work doesn’t feel like work if you are doing something you are passionate about.

Enjoying the step-by-step process tells you a lot about whether or not you are on the right track. Say your end goal is to make money, then it doesn’t matter what you do, you only want to get to the end. Overlooking the whole process with your eyes only on the prize might trip you to fail.

What you are passionate about

You can tell how much you like your work if you can enjoy the little successes in life. When the entrepreneur I worked for was mentioned in a local magazine, she was very happy and grateful. I have seen others embracing success like a sore loser, claiming this success “is not big enough” or is even ashamed by it.

With a negative attitude, it’s unlikely you will enjoy the journey or meet any success up to your standards. Every day you are raising the bar and exhausting yourself until you pass out from the unattainable goals. In order to reach the ultimate goal, you must first meet the many mini-goals along the way. It’s like a video game, you can’t jump to level 100 without going through the level 1-99.

During this pandemic, many have turned to the entrepreneurial route. Everyone wants to stay afloat during this tough time. The beginning can be daunting and full of challenges. Don’t forget to reward yourself for every milestone you achieve, however small it may seem to you. Together, all your mini achievements will be the stepping stone to your breakout success.

A special annoucement

Today, I’m happy to announce that after 3 months of hard work, StoryTale is selected as the 15th blog for the Top 30 Women Empowerment blogs on the web on Feedspot. This is a recognition of the hard work we put in, the site would not have come to be without all the amazing women contributing their stories and the people managing it. It’s super exciting to bring more stories from around the world in the future and see this community grow!

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