Social Media Prodigy Who Started Her Career At Only Nine Years Old

Julia when she was 9 years old

My name is Julia Seraphine and I am a 21-year-old Social Media Expert, Consultant, Business Mentor, and Influencer.

A Bright Start

My Social Media career started at only 9 years old on a Social Media site called Roblox. This site was made for users to create online avatars and play games together. Users could create and sell clothes, join groups, and create games that other users could play on. The site also had a native advertising platform like most Social Media sites.

I decided I would become a fashion icon on the site because I have been in love with fashion for my entire life. My whole persona is around fashion. I created a fashion group, clothing using graphic design, as well as many fashion games. At 9 years old, I figured out the native advertising platform and created optimized advertising campaigns for my small fashion brand. After conducting analytics, I was able to further optimize my advertising until I experienced a massive growth.

My small fashion group became the second largest fashion group on the site from almost nothing. I sold thousands of clothes and garnered over 100,000 visits to my games. I hosted a fashion show for my group. It went viral, reaching the site’s trending page and hosting multiple servers of hundreds of players at one time. 

Despite my young age, I went on to make strategic partnerships with other large fashion creators on the site. I had a gift for conducting a Social Media presence. My parents and my college professors refer to me as a prodigy to this day because of the massive success I had online as a kid.

Social Media Expert

I took all my expertise and knowledge of Social Media, and went on to become a Social Media Manager. I now manage more than 70 accounts from all over the world. Eventually the strain on my time became so immense, because my demand was too high, and I moved on to Consulting work. I did all my work with clients I met through LinkedIn and used the site to get new business opportunities. I have interviewed for Executive positions at other companies. But I decided I would like to work for myself, instead of working at a company. I took a break from the job hunt, also in part due to the Coronavirus. 

Being a Social Media Expert has brought me many opportunities outside of work. I have shared my expertise on national television, radio, internet shows, and on more than 10 podcasts. Recently, I gave a Guest Lecture at New York University (NYU) on the Instagram Algorithm. I have since been invited to give Guest Lectures at other Universities as well. My college was so proud of my success, that they featured me in an Alumni Publication.

Volunteer Work

As a Social Media Expert, I spend a lot of my time volunteering. I was chosen to volunteer as an Assistant Judge at CTNext Pitch Deck Competitions, the youngest mentor in the Fairfield Entrepreneurship Society and Entrepreneurship Foundation, also the Administrator for my college’s Entrepreneurship Society. As a mentor, I like giving back to business students because I always appreciated the advice from my mentors back in college. I have mentored business students of all ages and from many different fields. I have also done pro bono consulting for new business owners, who did not know where to start.

Final Notes

Currently, I am still a social media manager, and as of August 1, 2020, I have pledged to post every day and give social media tips to my followers in every post. I plan on Consulting for the foreseeable future, and I am writing a book about Social Media for Business. I am excited to give more Guest Lectures at other colleges and I am excited to connect with people.

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Julia Seraphine

A highly in-demand Social Media Consultant that has been invited to speak on National Television, Radio, Podcasts, Internet Shows, and have given a Guest Lecture at New York University.